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April, 2007

      In January 2007 the Stavropol Regional Public Charitable Organization “Faith, Hope, Love” published the booklet for children and teenagers “We are all different – we are all equal”, which will get children acquainted with a concept "tolerance", will help to decrease intolerance and animosities towards migrants, will promote a recognition of variety, cultivate a valid attitude to human nature, respect of the rights of others, recognition of equality of others, tolerance to another's opinion, religion, will generate the valid attitude to other culture, language, national customs, thanks to the publication children qualities of a tolerant person will develop.

     Since February 2007 dissemination of the booklet among pupils of high schools, children's homes and shelters of the Caucasian Mineral Waters and other areas of the Stavropol Region and of Moscow began.

     The lawyers of SRPCO “Belief, Hope, Love” continue lecturing about the rights, duties and responsibility of children in children's institutions. So on 29th of March a lawyer of the organization Solodova Yana Vladimirovna visited the children's home in Inozemtsevo settlement, where she gave a lesson to pupils, having told them about fundamental laws of a child in the Russian Federation, his responsibility to the state and society: administrative, criminal and material, and also - where they can apply, if the rights of a child are violated. Children were given booklets published by the organization about the rights of children “Law is always by your side” and about tolerance “We are all different, we –are all equal” and bookmarks for textbooks with extracts from the legislation on children.

     In March, 2007 the organization got humanitarian help from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for redistribution among forced migrants from the Chechen republic, living in a place of compact settlement in Inozemtsevo settlement. So, on 5th of April, forced migrants were given mattresses, blankets, sets of bed-clothes, sets of utensils and cleaners.



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