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February, 2007

In December the Stavropol Regional Public Charitable Organization “Faith, Hope, Love” published a number of issues on legal subjects, such as: the booklet for children “Law is always by you side” and the bookmarks for pupils with extracts from the Legislation, which  will serve as visual manuals for pupils of state secondary institutions in studying the Russian and International legislation on the rights of children.

The booklet “Law is always by you side” contains the basic information of children’s human rights, their duties and responsibility for violation of the legislation towards the society and the state in various spheres. Studying of not only the rights, but also the responsibility will help to prevent actions and acts which can go against the law and the norms of the law.

The booklets and bookmarks are bright and colourful, that will cause additional interest and desire with children to study these publications.

The work under the edition and distribution of similar publications plays a significant role in education of children and teenagers, increase their legal literacy, culture, formats valuable attitude to the right, teaches to defend the rights and freedoms. Distribution of the publications combined with lecturing on legal subjects is especially effective.

The information publications are distributed among the pupils of children's homes, asylums, the pupils of the schools of Pyatigorsk and other settlements of the Northern Caucasus and Moscow free of charge.

In the Stavropol Region similar actions were not conducted earlier by anybody, therefore distribution of the publication and lecturing is very actual and is demanded, and it is noted by all the heads of educational institutions whom we addressed to with the offer on transfer of booklets, bookmarks and lecturing.



In January 2007 a booklet for children and teenagers “We are all different –we are all equal” is being published; it will introduce  to children concept "tolerance", will help to decrease intolerance and animosity towards forced migrants, will promote to recognition of variety, education of the respectful attitude to human dignity, respect of the rights of others, recognition of equality of others, tolerance to another's opinion, belief, will generate the respectful attitude to other culture, language, national customs, thanks to the publication children will develop qualities of a tolerant person.

Distribution of the booklet will begin in February, 2007 among the pupils of secondary schools, children's homes and asylums of the Caucasian Mineral Waters and other areas of the Stavropol Region and Moscow.



The collection “Survey of Court Decisions” is going to be published in near future. The judgments on the various cases lead by the lawyers of counselling centers of the Northern Caucasus, which have come into legal force, will be included into the collection.



On February 25-26, 2007 a seminar for lawyers of the network of consultation centres of the Northern Caucasus, human rights organizations of other regions, practising lawyers, employees of the state agencies is going to be conducted. At the seminars the following will be examined:

  • Court rhetoric. Psychological principles of public performance;
  • Compliance of  the Criminal proceeding and Civil proceeding legislation with the norms of international legislation;
  • Topical questions of enterprising law;
  • Topical questions of applying the norms of the Labour law.



On March 2, 2007 a seminar for representatives of the noncommercial organizations and mass media “Mass-media and NGO” will be held. The seminar will consist of 2 sections: the first section will contain trainings and lectures for journalists and employees of mass-media, including elucidation and discussion of the questions connected with the activity of NGOs, problems of migration and infringement of human rights. The second section will be devoted to training of representatives of NGOs on establishment of contacts with mass-media.

As for distributing material 2 brochures were published to the seminar :

  • “Cooperation between NGO and mass-media. Publication for NGO” - guidebook on the work with mass-media.
  • “Cooperation between NGO and mass-media. Publication for mass media” – the basic concepts and definitions on migratory subjects, the professional and ethical standards applied at elucidation of problems of migrants, the contact information of human right.


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